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Whether you've found your dream home or are just starting to explore your options, including getting home loan pre-approval to give you confidence when searching, unlocking the equity in your current property, looking to refinance your existing loan,  UZO Finance can help.

At UZO Finance, we understand that buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make. We have the expertise to support you with getting the best possible deal which suit your unique situation. As your trusted mortgage broker, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Did you know that as a first home buyer, you may be eligible to get into your home with 2%-5% deposit without paying lenders mortgage insurance (LMI)?

Why choose our service?
We assess and offer personalised loan strategy for your financial situation

We consult with you pre and post loan settlement.

We are not a set and forget Mortgage Broker. We will always connect with you on each milestone, ensuring you are informed on next steps. Post settlement, we will consult with you to discuss and understand your next goals and how we can support. 

We help develop a financial plan for your loan

With our comprehensive loan application and review process, the outcome we offer is a personalised loan strategy that suit your best interest. We listen to you and learn from you about your goals and objectives. These will guide us to provide a tailored solution for your financial situation

Possibility for a better interest rate

With multiple lenders and loan options in the market, this can be very confusing. We can help make this process more clearer.  We will compare the market for you and provide options to give you choice. We will discuss and liaise with the lenders on your behalf and ensuring that only best deals which meet your goals, objectives and financial situations are provided. 

Save more over the loan life time

With a better interest rate, you can save on your repayments over the loan term and could result in paying off your loan sooner. We have diverse lenders on our panel and are able to source for loans with competitive interest rates. This offers you the possibility to save long term on the loan. 

Why choose our service?
We do LOANS and live our PRINCIPLE.

Our Principle

Excellence Is Our Nature

We pride ourselves in our level of service. We follow our best interest duty obligations responsibly and will only recommend product(s) which suit your unique situation


We Offer Collaborative Loan Advise

We believe that the best outcome is achieved when our brokers collaborate with you in the loan process


We Believe In Great Client Experiences

Every client journey is different. We personalise our approach to develop a strategy which fits your goals.


We Offer Our Clients Personalised Loan Strategy

Every client journey is different. We personalise our approach to develop a strategy which fits your goals.



Our suite of loan products include  house & land home loans, refinance loans, investment loans, business, construction, commercial, personal and asset finance.



We have diverse pool of lenders. We can provide you personalised options based on your need. 



We are qualified and accredited with multiple lenders. Our goal is to provide personalised and collaborative loan advice and solutions to you from our lending partners.



As part of the loan application process, we are in contact with lenders, real estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers on your behalf. 

Connect with an UZO Broker

Our Lending Partners

Calculate your borrowing power

Our 3-Step Process


Introductory meeting (Virtual or In-Person)


We will review you application and clarify your goals


We will conduct research on loan options and present personalised loan strategy to you

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You are welcome to start your home loan journey with us today

At UZO Finance (UZO), we are committed to providing you with a unique loan process experience designed to suit your specific requirements. We will guide you through the process, from finding the best mortgage deals to completing the paperwork. Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to remortgage, we have got you covered.


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