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RBA Holds Cash Rate

At its second meeting today, 19-March 2024, the Reserve Bank Board (RBA) agreed to further hold cash rate target at 4.35%.

Details of this decision can be found on the RBA website.

How does this decision affect you?

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  • 0%Makes no difference to me. I am uncomfortable with repayment

  • 0%Relieved that there was no cash rate increase

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According to the RBA, inflation continues to moderate in line with RBA's latest forecasts. The headline monthly CPI indicator remains steady at 3.4%. While this ease in inflation is a good sign, the RBA estimates to have the inflation at target of 2-3% in 2025.

Returning inflation to target remains RBA highest priority.

What does this mean for you?

The RBA rate decision affects the interest rate lenders offer on the loans provided. Whether you are on Fixed interest rate or Variable interest rate loan, a health-check of these loans is generally advisable.

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