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Auction Market this week

According to a recent research new report by CoreLogic this week, auction markets across the capital cities are on the rise. Compared to last week (2,091), auction volume this week across the combined capitals are up 35.8% and 16.9% higher when compared to same time in 2023 (2,429).

Will you be bidding this week at an auction?

  • Yes- I have finance approval

  • No- I have finance approval

  • Yes- I do not have finance approval

  • No- I do not have finance approval

An expected 50.4% increase (691 homes last week) in auction is expected this week in Sydney. This represents about 1,039 homes going into auction. For Melbourne, 1,405 homes are expected on the auction market, representing 40.9% increase from last week (997 homes).

This will be the busiest auction week for these cities in since the beginning of 2024.



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